New Search Features!


We’re happy to announce the launch of two important new search features!

  • Preview Text / Highlighting: Searches that include keywords will now show a preview of the text in the search results with your keywords highlighted. Remember to put your search terms in quotes if you are looking for a specific phrase.
  • Sorted Results: Previously search results were sorted showing the newest standards or conference materials first.  Now you can choose to sort your results in one of four ways:
    • Newest to oldest (default)
    • Oldest to newest
    • By conference name (sorted A-Z)
    • By keyword relevance (available only when keyword field is used in the search)

If you choose to sort your search results by relevance, it may take a little extra time for the search to complete, so please be patient. You can reduce the search time by limiting your search to a particular geographic location (other than “National”) or by filling in additional fields in the search form such as Date and Conference.

For any questions or problems with the new search features, please contact us at